Electronic Restoration

Regardless of the type of disaster, it is almost a certainty that electronics (TV’s, computers, appliances, etc.) will be damaged. Homes businesses, institutions, and government entities cannot continue to normally function without resumption of the supply of electricity, provision of mechanical/HVAC functions, and the flow of electronic data.

AFTERDISASTER offers the personnel and equipment to address these issues through some basic critical initial steps:

  • Immediate assessment of damages by phone with customer
  • Arrival at damaged building with all necessary personnel and equipment
  • Establishment of parameters with the customer regarding a restoration schedule
  • Provision of thorough, supporting documentation to all parties

Types of electronic damage:

Fire and smoke residues can contain acids that will corrode metal surfaces. If action is not taken quickly the residues left behind will cause corrosion that eats away at metals causing an electronic failure in your devices.

What the steps include:

The steps will include the use of detailed digital photographs, before and after equipment condition reports, inventory of all equipment, preservation of the equipment, and detailed restoration if it is determined that restoration (versus replacement) is the most cost effective solution.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will your services be covered by insurance?

Only your insurance company can confirm or deny insurance coverage. AFTERDISASTER is contracted directly by you to perform emergency services.

When you authorize AFTERDISASTER to perform emergency services, you are simply authorizing the emergency portion of the job, which includes steps necessary to prevent further damage.

Will my insurance company pay AFTERDISASTER directly?

The agreement and authorization you signed authorizes your insurance company to pay AFTERDISASTER directly for the work. Since procedures vary by insurance company, we recommend you confirm whether they allow direct payment to contractors.

Are you bonded and insured?

Yes, we are licensed, bonded and insured. All of our team members wear a uniform of AFTERDISASTER red shirts and khaki pants so that we are professional in appearance and can be easily identified.

Will any demolition of the water damaged structure be required? This depends on the type of water (clean versus gray versus sewage) and the degree to which materials are saturated. Several other factors affect the amount of demolition including:

  • The type of material (and its tendency to retain moisture)
  • The degree to which we can access those materials and effectively dry them
  • The amount of expansion in materials that has already occurred
  • Any manufacturer’s specifications which require demolition

Our goal is to cost effectively dry structural materials and contents.

Can I turn the equipment off?

No, the equipment needs to run 24 hours /day. Only in the event that you are concerned about safety, should you turn the equipment off. In that event, simply unplug it and call us immediately.