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AFTERDISASTER Storm Damage Coverage

Most people associate storm damage with hurricanes or winter storms. It is true that these storms get the most media coverage, but we actually encounter a variety of storm damages throughout the entire year: storms with water damage, storms with wind damage, storms with lightening damage, storms in winter with freezing temperatures or ice damage, summer storms that expose structures to intense heat and high humidity in addition to wind and rain, etc. Being ready to provide prompt emergency mitigation service is a constant challenge to AFTERDISASTER®.

Like most of you, we watch weather trends and forecasts, but many storms hit with little warning, so we must be prepared and available 24/7/365. Emergency service personnel rotate on-call schedules, but all company personnel are committed to working as needed around the clock in storm situations. Many times, storms create power outages, not only at our customers’ homes/offices, but also at our offices. To maintain service, each AFTERDISASTER Business Center stocks an emergency power generator. If phone service is interrupted, the incoming calls are redirected to a working location. Our technicians in the field are equipped with cell phones, 2-way radios and pagers to maintain communication.

Just as having office personnel and field technicians ready to respond is critical in storm damage situations, equally important is having equipment and supplies ready at a moment’s notice. AFTERDISASTER is well known for its large inventory of airmovers, dehumidifiers, wall cavity drying units, air scrubbers, deodorizing equipment, etc. All centers maintain large cube vans equipped with large truck mounted dual wand extractors, 10-20 airmovers, 4-6 dehumidifiers and other mitigation equipment and supplies to enable the technicians to handle more jobs without needing to return to the business center to reload in storm situations. Our Large Loss Division has over 750 airmovers always loaded on a 48-foot trailer, ready for support in the largest storm situation, along with truckloads of dehumidifiers and power generating equipment to allow us to get drying underway before local power has been restored.

In addition, AFTERDISASTER is proud of its Referral Network members who link together with AFTERDISASTER in these storm situations to increase both manpower and equipment capacity of all to meet the increased mitigation demands created by storms. Roofing contractors, electricians, plumbers, carpet/upholstery cleaners, laundry/drycleaners and a variety of structural repair service companies team up to meet customer needs.

If you want to know more about AFTERDISASTER and its ability to assist you in the event of a storm damage, contact your local AFTERDISASTER Business Center today.