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Reduce Water Damage Before a Hurricane Hits

Since we are currently in the middle of hurricane season, we want you to be prepared to help avoid water damage to your home.

Board Up Windows and Doors

Hurricanes are known for strong winds and intense rain. The purpose behind boarding up windows and doors is to prevent any flying debris from going through your windows. If something does break a window, then all the rain will go into your home causing extensive water damage.

Check Roof

Most people forget to take a look at the roof of their house when it comes to preparing for a hurricane, but it is crucial that you do. You should inspect your roof for any loose shingles that would be easily ripped off by the hurricane winds.

Maintain the Trees Around the House

Any loose/dead branches pose a threat to your home. The hurricane winds can snap branches and trees easily. If there are branches that could collapse on your roof, you should have the trees trimmed or removed.

These tips can help decrease the amount of water damage from rain, but if the area you are in floods it can be hard to avoid. When you are searching for water damage restoration near me on your phone, you can trust our team. If your home has water damaged from a hurricane, give AFTERDISASTER a call at (800) 948-0242 today.